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PostSubject: XE SERVER Rules   Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:53 pm

As a new clan I would like to Remind you about the XE-SERVER RULES So that you can follow them and be in peace.These rules are applicable for our clan also.

Server Rules


I have noticed there is some confusion between admins/players over what exactly are the rules for XE American/Canadian/European. The rules and script of a server mostly determine how many people decide to return and play again, and it is up to the server admins to enforce the rules and ensure gameplay is going smoothly. It is up to me and tommis to determine who recieves admin rights, and to keep everyone on the same page, I am going to explain all the rules here as best as I can. This explanation of the rules is mostly intended for admins, but it would be good for all players visiting here to be a bit more familiar with the server rules than the vague !rules command would have them. So with that said, expect lengthy explanations on everything.


No Cheating - No Glitching - Flaming - Spamming - Drive-By's - No Constant Heli-Killing/Vehicle-Killing - Abusing Others

First and foremost, the main responsibility of any admin on XE servers is to prevent cheating. Cheating ruins the gameplay experience of VCMP for everyone. If you are caught cheating, it is almost always an instant ban, with no warning. I have never personally witnessed any admins warning someone before a ban for cheating, and to be honest, every cheater I have ever given a warning kick to returned wearing their armor.... or they decide to hide their cheats when an admin is online, only to turn them off the second the script goes out or no admins are around, then I hear about them cheating from another admin. This rule is partially subject to each admin's personal judgement, if you are an admin on XE and you believe someone you caught cheating really will change their ways with a stiff warning, go for it...... but always remember, odds are that they will return and cheat someday. We don't want too many subnet bans, but if someone is blatantly evading their ban you just gave them, or they have returned the next week cheating again, a subnet ban is permitted.

There are a few ways to get caught cheating:

Armor is the most obvious cheat, as there is no class that spawns with armor, no armor pickups anywhere on the map, and no script command to set armor. How and why these cheaters wear it and think they can get away with it, I have no idea, but it sure is great to ban them.

Illegal Weapons and Jetpacks
Just like armor, how and why these cheaters have miniguns and think they are going to get past an online admin mystifies me. Same with the cheater who slowly swims through the air to a rooftop across the street, or can jump a few car lengths without being hit by one. Maybe if they joined with the name "CaptainObvious" I would get a good enough laugh to let them stay a while.

Indestructible Cars and Flying on Four Wheels
Some idiot flying a car or firetruck through the sky might be cheating. Same with that guy trying to car kill everyone, driving on four flats in the same car for the last 20 minutes while half the server unloads m60's on it. Strange things happen from lag and desync though, so check pings, play with !freeze or !kick and some game-chat before banning anyone for being a lagger you were unable to deal with. How the flying cars happen, I can't say for sure, it could be a true flying car mod, or a map mod. I'm sure someone else out there knows more about what is possible when it comes to cheating in VCMP. While the flying super speed car modder eclispsing the sun might cry about how they aren't hurting anyone or messing with anyone's game, they are abusing the server according the rules, and they show others that they can get away with things if they just whine or argue with admins about it. Honestly nobody wants to hear with it.

Health Hacks
-Historically there have always been 2 types of health hacks in the multiplayer world of Vice City, both of which I have seen in VCMP. The weaker of the two is a health refill that is slow enough to see sometimes, and works simply by refilling a cheater's health once they have taken damage. You can kill these with a stubby shotgun by shooting one point blank, doing enough damage to kill them before the refill, or by doing 200 damage, which renders the +100hp boost the refill gives them useless. The problem in spotting this type is that XE also has a health boost in the script when a player is on a killing spree and makes a kill. Quite often, the scripted health boost takes time to arrive, and someone you just shot recieves a health refill.
-The 2nd, and stronger of the health hacks shows no damage and no refill, they simply won't take damage. The only way to surely know someone is using it is to !check them or personally shoot them with a shotgun to see them fall and take no damage. Any gun that does not knock them to the floor is not good enough to check on a health hack. With the inherent lag and bugs involved in VCMP, the only way to know you actually shot someone is to see them fall down from the impact. If someone else shotgun blasts a suspected cheat, you should be sure it wasn't actually a punch on the suspect's screen.
-There is a 3rd possible health-involved cheat, I have seen strong signs of it twice in my time involved with VCMP, but I cannot say for sure it exists here until I've seen it happen more often. It operates almost the same as the 2nd health hack, but only protects the cheater against certain weapons. Likely involving weapons.dat, only certain weapons will damage them. I've run across it attempting to get point blank stubby kills on cheaters to see a random player use a colt45 or tec9 and kill the confirmed cheater I just floored 4 times with stubby... I figure either they somehow turned off their cheats for some reason, or they are using an old MTA-style weapons.dat hack. If anyone can confirm this type of health cheat's existence in VCMP, please let me know.

Other Possibilities
There are certainly other methods of cheating and modding the game for an unfair advantage that I have not mentioned here. If I have not, it is most likely due to the low frequency of players witnessing them or using these cheats, so by all means if there is something I have left out and you know it is a problem on XE, post here.


No Cheating - No Glitching - Flaming - Spamming - Drive-By's - No Constant Heli-Killing/Vehicle-Killing - Abusing Others

"Glitching" means many things to many different people within the VCMP community. Generally, in VCMP a glitch is a type of gameplay bug, which can be controlled by a player to some extent. There are too many glitches and too many opinions, so we are going to define our "No Glitching" rule with 2 ideas:

1 - Singleplayer Functionality?
Before anything can really be called a VCMP glitch, you have to know whether or not the glitch will function in singleplayer or not. If you can use the same move and it works the same way in singleplayer Vice City as it does in VCMP, you should consider it fair-play, and part of the intended gameplay. If you are doing something that isn't possible in singleplayer, or is possible in SP but does not have the same functional effects, you might be abusing glitches.

2 - Abuse?
Using glitches is not expressly against the rules. In order to recieve a warning and face punishment, you must be using a glitch in an abusive way. This part of the no-glitch rule is directly tied to administrator judgement. If you are considered to be abusing VCMP glitches for an unfair advantage or in a way that is unfair to the majority of players, you may be warned, kicked, or even banned for repeat offenses. A ban for this offense should be a complete last resort, and if you recieve a ban for glitching, please post here with all the details. It would help to have some real-world examples to promote the ideas behind the "No Glitching" rule.

With that said, here are a few examples of glitch and punishment:

shooting through a wall
NOT an offense against the server rules. Shooting through walls works just fine in singleplayer. But remember, as with all rules there are situations that are open to admin discretion. If you are using gotoloc or another script command to teleport into hidden locations and buildings with no outside access, and then you are shooting through the walls constantly, an admin could kick you for abuse or for using glitches not available in singleplayer, as SP has no goto commands.

crouching and shooting a stubby rapidly
this IS a VCMP glitch and against the server rules to a very small extent. The reasoning for this, is mainly that it is not much of a glitch to abuse for an unfair advantage, when anyone that sees the glitch being used can figure it out almost instantly, and it is something alot of first time players end up doing. As an admin, kicking everyone you see using it is completely ridiculous, you have to figure half the players online at any given time are new or first-timers, and it is more important to keep people interested in playing than it is to lord your admin rights over some new kid. ...again, I would like to point out that the "No Glitching" rule is almost entirely dependent upon intelligent and fair judgements by XE administrators.

crouch glitching the stubby firing animation
Crouching to break the stubby firing animation and fire a "ghost shot" does not have a functional effect in singleplayer the same way as it does within VCMP. Not only do "ghost shots" not hurt anyone in SP, but the lag time generated between desynced animations do not equal warp-style movements some players can accomplish using stubby crouch glitching. While this type of glitch is clearly against the rules due to its lack of singleplayer functionality, it is still up to administrators to make the decision when it comes to punishment. In almost all cases, glitches such as this require a warning and/or kick, only to be allowed under the circumstance that the offender knows it is against the rules, and they ask to be allowed to use the glitch in a 1v1 or some other agreed-upon situation.

After reading all 3 examples, you may be wondering why the first concept of the "No Glitch" rule even exists, being that it is almost entirely up to admin discretion. Remember, it is not a rule, but a concept, and is to be used as a general guideline for administrators when trying to determine the proper action to take when dealing with issues that may have a detrimental effect on the gameplay for most players. As an administrator, acting outside the pre-determined guidelines will not only single you out as being an abusive jerk to most players and make your job less satisfying, but you may be held accountable for your actions, as they can't be held accountable to the rulebook.


No Cheating - No Glitching - Flaming - Spamming - Drive-By's - No Constant Heli-Killing/Vehicle-Killing

- Abusing Others
Flaming and Spamming in the chat are minor offenses, and tied together in some ways. The rule is intended to stop people from flooding the chat with advertisements, useless crap, or whining and complaints. We have a forum for people to report and file their complaints with administration and server policy. You can use IRC or instant messaging for general chat and other garbage like calling eachother gays in all caps. Players are allowed to taunt eachother, and it should be encouraged a bit to help foster some more competition, but we aren't here to play audience for line after line of nonsense. Administrators should respond to situations in the chat only if they are disrupting players who are trying to communicate about the actual game. In most cases, it should be enough to warn the offender, or point them to the forums so they can talk there. Kicks and bans should only be used in the case of chat flooding.


No Cheating - No Glitching - Flaming - Spamming - Drive-By's - No Constant Heli-Killing/Vehicle-Killing - Abusing Others

The script handles this.

No Constant Heli-Killing/Vehicle-Killing
Heli-Killing and Vehicle Kills are allowed and encouraged. The only reason it is not allowed if it is constant, is to make it easier for administrators to warn suspected vehicle modders with a kick. Some cheaters have been known to come in game with nothing more than a damage proof car of heli, and do nothing but vehicular kills.

Abusing Others
This puts the emphasis on the ABUSE factor in choosing punishments and other actions as an administrator. If you have read everything you should understand by now that the rules are really just guidelines until someone begins abusing other players while breaking them. At that point, administrator action is needed to maintain gameplay balance and keep an active server.

Spawnkilling is Abuse
While not mentioned in the rules, killing other players in their class spawn area is blatant abuse. Some servers will kick or drown for this automatically, and until XE has the same functionality, it is up to administrator authority to put a stop to spawnkilling. People who spawnkill generally have no manners, its something you are born with it seems, so punishment for spawnkilling should be swift and definate. Any warnings can be considered the same as warning a cheater, 99% will only turn off their cheats when they see an admin, a lesser percentage of spawnkillers follow the same pattern.


Expect these rules to be updated or changed in the near future... the !rules response needs fixing, as well as some more input from the XE administrator team. This is just a temporary write-up until everything has been officially handled by all the ...officials. lol.

is this finally over?

...now you have to go follow/enforce the rules, you nab.


"telekilling" is not against the server rules, and while it may be considered wrong or bad behavior by some players, the fact is nobody ever made anyone teleport anywhere, and if you teleport to someone without asking first and get shot, its your own fault.

Death Evading / Command Abuse

"death evading" is using a goto command, /quit, /c heal or other script commands in order to cheat death during gameplay.

death evading under the current rule set is considered "command abuse"
abusing commands to unfairly effect gameplay events is not supported. while it is not a very serious or punishable offense, anyone thinking of being admin should never do this.

admins are expected to have a certain level of common sense and ability to judge situations fairly on their own. harsh punishment for "death evasion" is probably overreaching, and will result in less players in-game overall. keep this in mind when deciding how to react to death evasion offenses.

the other common instance of command abuse on XE, !check system abuse, IS a punishable offense, to be considered the same as spawn-killing.
some may try to argue under this logic that telekilling should also be against the rules, but goto/tele freeze delay, nogoto, and the fact that nobody is ever forced to goto another player, says otherwise.

Written by HeAD.
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