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 Reporting & Warning System

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PostSubject: Reporting & Warning System   Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:29 pm

Warning system

Warnings are things that we will hold against you and can get you banned. Once you have 5 warnings, you will be permanently banned. We will be sure to give you a verbal warning before we give you a warning, so that you are no penalized for not understanding the rules. But once you get a verbal warning, we will not hesitate any more to give you a warning as well. Here are the rules and how many warnings they are worth:

Spam post 1 warning
Double Posting 1 warning
Necrobumping 2 warnings
Disrespectful Behavior 1-3 warnings
Racism, sexism, any bad thing that ends with -ism 3-4 warnings
Illegal activity 4-5 warnings
Flooding 3 warnings
Third-party advertising 3 warnings
Double Accounts 1-3 warnings

Detailed information:

-Any post that does not significantly add to the conversation
-Any new thread that is meant for spamming or has no point to it
-Rick Rolling is frowned upon and can get insanely annoying
-Talking in caps makes people feel like they are being yelled at. If you want to be abnormal, talk in italics.
-Making a topic without a title that is related to the topic itself will be trashed.
Double Posting
-You can edit your own post to avoid this.
-Double posting is only allowable if the posts are separates by a 24 hour span, but you still can not post more than 3 consecutive posts
-Bumping threads whose conversations have been over for at least 5 weeks
-Bumping is allowed in the Music Library, Arcade, Forum Games, and Food.
Disrespectful Behavior
-Insulting language directed to another person
-Explicitly rating or criticizing anything user-created without trying it
-Excessive cursing used in an argument directed at a paticular person
Illegal Activity
-Posting or linking to pirated information, whether it is software, files, or property
-Although not exactly illegal, posting or linking to pornographic images or information is completely restricted
-Nonstop spamming
Third-Party Advertising
-Advertising basically any products that are not directly connected to this site, specifically things that you didn't make.
Double Accounts
-Double accounting is illegal in Fuji Planet rules; if the second account/triple account you made and you spam/swear or flame, you get 3 warnings. If you confess, 2 warnings. If your second account is nice, you'll get 1 warning.

The tags are as follows:
No warnings, clean sheet
One warning (or 3 reminders)
2 warnings
Serious Warning
Banned (3 warnings, or 2 Serious Warnings or 1 Serious Warning + 1 warning)

Note that this system is updated by the forum moderators
The pm about this system will be sent to the moderators in two days

The Report System

With the addition of the report system comes a level of added responsibility for you guys, the members. Reports take a fair bit of time to go through and assess for moderators and administrators. Because of that, we have to be kind of strong on cases of abuse of it. Will it get you banned if you abuse it once? No. But, there are other kinds of reprimanding that can be handed down in cases of abuse. For example, the privilege of reporting can be revoked for individual members. Hence, I think that a different system of consequences can be set up dealing with abuse of the reporting system. Also, since you cannot "unintentionally" abuse the system, we have to take that into consideration too.

1 abuse- 1 verbal warning.
2 abuses- 1 implemented warning.
3 abuses- 2 implemented warnings and revoking of reporting privileges for 2 weeks.
4 abuses- Two implemented warnings and revoking of reporting privileges for 6 weeks.
5 abuses- Three implemented warnings and revoking of reporting privleges for 18 weeks.
6 abuses- Four implemented warnings and revoking of reporting privleges for 36 weeks.
7 abuses- Immediate ban.

Keep in mind if continued abuse happens, we will disable the system again entirely.


-Available for all members.
-Ability to report yourself: ENABLED
-Ability to edit reports: DISABLED.
If you do wish to carry out any of these things, you must have approval by an Admin, although most of these have no exceptions.

You will be given a verbal warning before an implemented warning for less-serious infractions (bumping, spam post, double posting, disrespectful behavior, flooding). However, for a more serious infractions (illegal activity, sexism, racism, double accounts), you will not get a verbal warning before an implemented warning.
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Reporting & Warning System

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